• FTC "Herbal Tea" - Embroidered Patch

Real original authentic replica of the First Tea Company's Brew Type Marking c.1905
If you'd like to be identified for a particular kind of herbal tea, jot the type down in your FTC ID Card and have it stamped by your superior brew-master in residence.

White embroidered on yellow, no backing

(approx. 70x70mm) 
August 2013

Part of a set of First Tea Company certified Tea-Types. Should an FTC Officer be found injured and unconscious in the line of duty, field medics will know exactly what brew to give them upon waking. Others in this set include;
- Brew Strength: Strong | Medium | Weak
- Brew Type: Green Tea | Herbal Tea | Mint Tea | Earl Grey | Lady Grey | Red Bush
Custom Milks & Sugars Curve (Fits well above the Official FTC Insignia Patch)
And +1 Sugar, for those of particular tastes.

FTC "Herbal Tea" - Embroidered Patch

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